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27-29 NOVEMBER 2018

Practical Anti-Terror Strategies for Conferences and Events
/ 27-11-2018, 14:15 – 15:15
/ Knowledge Theatre 2
/ Language: English

Potential terror threats in today’s event world are more dynamic –and less predictable –than ever before. We like to inspire action and provide practical, engaging tips to help organizations become more aware of possible terrorism within the MICE industry. By understanding how terrorists think and prepare attacks, we can become more vigilant. Although we can’t prevent terrorism, we can help raise awareness for teams, suppliers and venue staff. We highly recommend anti-terror strategic planning as part of the crisis management strategy for all large-scale conferences or events. Yes, we can make a difference!

This session provides an overview:

  • What can we learn from past terror threats?
  • Awareness and behaviour tips
  • How to include anti-terrorism strategies in crisis management planning


VOBE-Inspires People GmbH Owner

 Steff Berger

 Managing Director
 VOBE - Inspires People

Steff Berger has over 18 years experience in the MICE Industry. In her current role as conference consultant, crisis manager and event manager, her focus is always on people. Helping people find viable solutions is a challenge she gladly accepts.

imex 2018
15-17 MAY 2018

Crisis management advice: ‚Understand how terrorists think and plan attacks‘
One of the talks at IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt offered practical anti-terror advice on how to make a plan, remain vigilant and stay safe.

At IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt, Steff Berger, managing director of crisis management experts VOBE, told delegates that potential terror threats in today’s world are „more dynamic – and less predictable“ than ever, before offering tips on how to remain safe.
Berger is a conference and event manager, as well as a crisis manager, who has trained as an anti-terrorism officer.
She says the key to anti-terror awareness is „understanding how terrorists think and prepare attacks“ so that we can become more vigilant.

What are the most important things that event planners should remember when it comes to anti-terror awareness?
Anti-terror awareness training is one important part of a better preparation for unexpected situations. Every situation needs a different implementation of measurements for awareness.
When it comes to anti-terror awareness for events and conferences we highly recommend anti-terror strategic planning as part of the crisis management strategy for all large-scale conferences and events.

What’s the most important thing that someone at your session should take away?
I strongly believe we can make the difference! Although we can’t prevent terrorism, we can raise awareness for our teams, our suppliers and venue staff. Be aware – but not afraid! I like all attendees to take away the awareness of expect the unexpected – be aware.
Terrorists have a professional network, and we in the event industry – we are professionals too. Why not use our skills against their strategies?

Do you remain hopeful that events can remain safe and secure?
Potential terror threats in today’s world are more dynamic – and less predictable – than ever before. Unfortunately, I do not have a forecast for the coming years, but I hope and I wish that events remain safe and secure.
I believe, the future of digitalisation, will bring new methods for protection and alert systems that will support our industry and people.

imex 2018
15-17 MAY 2018

Practical anti-terrorism awareness tips

Steff Berger’s presentation on practical anti-terrorism awareness tips, at the Inspiration Hub yesterday, struck a chord right from the start.

ln our industry, we are passionate for people, enjoy large events in public venues, draw participants from all over the world, and our security is unarmed. Terrorists see all these aspects and more as vulnerabilities, and can use them against us to cause fear and destruction.

A conference consultant and event planner for 15 years, Steff moved into crisis management after experiencing 20,000 conference attendees stranded in Vienna after the lcelandic volcano eruption, and eventually became an anti-terrorism officer.

By understanding how terrorists select their targets, we can gain a good estimate of their actions and use their Ideas against them. Which venues are easily accessible, and will be busy on particular dates? What venue information is freely available on our websites? Will terrorists test response times and reactions with a dummy run?

In any crisis situation, the police reaction time will be 7-15 minutes. What can we do in this short period to delay the terrorists‘ actions?

Steff showed how simple measures like locking doors, switching off screens and barricading entrances causes them to use extra time. Meanwhile, stuff should remove attendees through alternatives exits, or keep people inside concete structures.

An event organisation’s crisis management strategy should include an exclusion zone/standoff distance, emergency management plans, personal awareness training, and emergency communication systems.

Steff stresses the importance of discussion this topic openly,not to encourage fear, but awareness. In this way we can in form our staff, deter terrorists, and protect our delegates and visitors from harm.

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