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Moving success with the wingwave method – creating “awake” REM phases
The wingwave method is a performance and emotion coaching method that leads to a noticeable and rapid reduction in performance stress and an increase in creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability for the coachee in just a few sessions. This resource effect is achieved through a seemingly simple basic intervention: the creation of “awake” REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement), which we humans otherwise only go through during night-time dream sleep. The coach guides the coachee’s gaze horizontally back and forth with rapid hand movements.

With the
as a particularly well-researched muscle feedback instrument, the exact topic is determined beforehand and the effectiveness of the intervention is checked afterwards.

Areas of application and coaching context
wingwave coaching is used successfully in the fields of business, competitive sport, education and didactics, health and in artistic circles. The method is often combined with other proven coaching processes. Coaches see wingwave coaching as a module in their coaching “toolbox”. With wingwave, there is also a goal agreement, coaching discussions and performance reviews. However, no “free coaching sessions” (trial coaching sessions) are offered. Instead, there are already a number of TV films and videos on the Internet that demonstrate the method in a practical and clear way.

International distribution and the Coach Finder
Several thousand coaches use wingwave worldwide in over 30 countries. Addresses of wingwave coaches who undergo annual training in the method can be found in the

wingwave refers to the following coaching areas:

1. regulation of performance stress
(PSI = Performance Stress Imprinting)
Effective stress compensation for e.g.: social tension in a team or with customers, spotlight stress, neck blows on the way to a destination, fear of flying or physical stress such as lack of sleep. Thanks to the rapid stabilization of your inner balance, you will quickly feel full of energy again, calm inside and strong in the face of conflict.

2. resource coaching
Here we use the interventions for success topics such as increasing creativity, self-image coaching, convincing charisma, positive self-motivation, strengthening the inner team, goal visualization and for mental preparation for peak performance – such as an important performance or sports competitions (in vivo coaching).

3. belief coaching
that limit performance are made conscious and transformed into resource beliefs. Of particular importance here is the identification of euphoria traps in the subjective experience, which could make the inner world all too shakable in the long term. The goal is an emotionally stable belief base and personal beliefs that can withstand demanding mental stress.