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Innovative Consultation and Specialist Crisis Management for Conferences, Meetings, Events and Exhibitions.

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VOBE - Inspires People

You’re looking for:
● A defined improvement in your event quality and client experience
● Personalised ideas and customised solutions
● Dynamic, responsive and straightforward communications
● Effective professionals who can work independently and also bring your team together

We focus on people – your team, your visitors and your support staff – to develop a vision for your event and moments everyone will remember.

With years of experience in conferences, congresses, meetings and workshops, we know how to ensure the smooth operation of your event using our service-focused approach, creative efficiency and Europe-wide network of partners.

Specialists in Crisis Management for the events industry, we work with your team to ensure you are prepared for every possibility, and can react quickly and confidently to protect your visitors, your team and your reputation.

Conferences, Events

Every conference and its audience are unique. We can work anywhere in Europe to help you enhance your visitor experience and create events people will remember.

Event Management

Everyone feels positive when your event runs smoothly. We consider sustainability, local knowledge and creative solutions to improve cooperation and deliver excellent results.

Crisis Management

It’s always about protecting your people and your reputation. Whatever goes wrong, if you react quickly and appropriately, then you will maintain respect.

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