Der Erntehelfer Podcast – Folge 10 – Steff Berger – Krisen Managerin für Veranstaltungen

„Dein Gegenüber muss sich gehört fühlen, sonst läuft die Kommunikation nicht!“ sagt Steff Berger in ihrer Folge des Erntehelfer Podcasts …

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What is a systemic mindset?

After her session on the systemic approach to problem-solving and crisis management at IBTM World Virtual, we sat down with Steff Berger, founder of VOBE Inspires People, to find out more about how to use this approach.

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Living with crisis

‚So, what can we learn from 2020 that can help us to navigate our way into and through the coming year? To help to answer the question I contacted crisis and risk communication experts from across the globe to gather their thoughts, advice, and insight. I asked several questions about what we can learn, what is needed going forward and how we can all get better at living with a crisis. I am incredibly grateful for all those who provided me with their views on how to move forward.‘

Amanda Coleman
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10.12.2020 – Online Event
Systemic questions: Unlock your team’s goals, ideas and potential

Do you want to inspire your teams to create new visions of success and develop exciting, new never-tried-before ideas that will vastly improve their motivation, performance and outcomes?

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30. Juni 2020
„Wie war das? 2020 sollte ein erfolgreiches Jahr werden. Und was ist jetzt?“

Die Prognosen für ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2020 sahen gut aus! Man startete mit einer vielversprechenden Stimmung in das neue Jahr. Aber dann kam es für uns alle, für die gesamte Welt ganz anders! Eine Pandemie …

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„Crisis Management for MICE“

Enter Steff Berger – a crisis management expert for the MICE industry, based out of Berlin. In this episode she provides actionable tips on how to manage a current crisis and prepare for the ones to come. There’s lots of valuable ideas here, so please give it a listen!

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May 27, 2020

Der Erkenntnis, eine Veranstaltung aufgrund der aktuellen Krise absagen zu müssen, folgt in der Regel die Frage: Wie gehe ich jetzt am besten vor? MICE-Krisenmanagerin Steff Berger hat für die aktuelle Situation Checklisten für ein angemessenes Krisenmanagement erstellt.

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May 13, 2020
How to build an effective crisis communications strategy:
FAQs with Steff Berger

The second part of Steff Berger’s FAQ series looks more closely at the practical things you need to consider when dealing with a crisis or constructing a crisis communications strategy or management plan.

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May 13, 2020
The inside scoop on COVID-19 crisis communications:
FAQs with Steff Berger

Steff Berger, who recently appeared on IBTM Connect in her webinar about MICE Crisis Communications, sat down with all your questions following her session and answered them. Here we explore all of the questions about the present and future situations with COVID-19.

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May 5, 2020
MICE- Crisis Communications and POST – COVID-19

Interview with MICE Crisis Manager, Steff Berger

Ahead of her webinar, we sat down with Steff Berger to get to know more about the world of crisis management and communications, as well as pick up a few …

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April 30, 2020
MICE- Crisis Communications and POST – COVID-19

1-hr Zoom webinar, including Q&A

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic had an immense impact on the MICE Industry and the entire world. MICE- crisis management can support you in rethinking your strategies and helping to prevent future crisis situations. This webinar provides a first impression of MICE Crisis Management and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to integrate these ideas into your planning for events. Learn how you can introduce your own post COVID-19 procedures.

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MICE Innovation Sessions

Herzlich willkommen zurück zu einer neuen Folge der MICE Innovation Sessions. Heute greifen wir ein Thema auf, an dem niemand im Moment vorbei kommt: COVID-19 aka Coronavirus.

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24. April, 2020
Interview mit MICE-Krisenmanagerin Steff Berger

Wir haben uns gefragt, wie wir die MICE-Branche in Zeiten der Corona-Krise unterstützen können und haben dabei direkt an MICE-Krisenmanagerin Steff Berger von „Vobe – Inspires People GmbH“ gedacht. Sie hat uns im Interview Fragen rund ums MICEKrisenmanagement beantwortet, über die Chancen und Risiken der Krise aufgeklärt und wertvolle Tipps für die Zeit während und nach Covid-19 verraten.

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9. April, 2020
Krisenmanagement muss wahr, eindeutig, lagegemäß, transparent und faktenbasiert sein!

Interview mit MICE-Krisenmanagerin Steff Berger

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26. März, 2020
Martin Stegmann im Gespräch:
„Wir brauchen MICE-Krisenmanagement. Und seit COVID-19 mehr denn je.“

Ein Interview mit Steff Berger

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19. März, 2020
Krisenmanagement während einer Pandemie und der daraus resultierenden Krise – eine Checkliste

Ein Leitfaden von Steff Berger

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19. März, 2020
Krisenkommunikation während einer Pandemie – eine Checkliste

Ein Leitfaden von Steff Berger

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November 21, 2019
How to stop fake news ruining your event

By Andrew McCorkell
False information travels much quicker than the truth so make sure you’re ready to act fast, says expert at IBTM World in Barcelona.
A Talk with Steff Berger

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November 19–21, 2019
Fake News, False Alarms and Facebook: Real stories from the world of Crisis Communications and Management, and what we can learn from them

I am talking about how effective crisis management communication can save your event or conference. How can your marketing team deal with crisis communications if you do not have a PR team? And is your PR team ready for crisis communication?

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September 17, 2019
What can have a greater impact on communication than language or technology

At the end of August, I spoke at IBTM China about crisis communication for the MICE industry. As a European in China, I decided to go prepared – reading books about the culture, cultural differences, the people and the country. I even did a crash course …

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August 28–29, 2019
Feeling truly international this morning! I am honourd to speak at ibtm CHINA 2019!

I’ll be speaking at IBTM China in Beijing on August 28-29th, and am delighted to present both my recent talks – on anti-terror tactics for congresses, and crisis communication strategies.

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May 21–23, 2019


Steff Berger’s session at IMEX 2018 on anti-terrorism strategies for conferences – ‘Expect The Unexpected’ – attracted a great deal of interest, leading to further interviews and talks. Steff is delighted to be returning again to
IMEX Frankfurt in 2019, this time for three appearances!

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January/February, 2019

Plataforma de comunicación e interacción entre profesionales MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events).
Entrevista – Steff Berger, Directora general y consultora en gestión de crisis de VOBE

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December 11, 2018

What steps should event strategists take to make sure they are prepared for a crisis?
By Boardroom editors
Steff Berger is managing director of VOBE — Inspires People GmbH, which organises events of up to 20,000 people for mainly European associations.
Here the conference consultant and event planner shares her expertise in crisis management.

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November 27, 2018

I am working on the last arrangements for the today’s session on concepts for anti-terror procedures for large conferences and events. You will find more details about it in Show Daily, the official press organ of IBTM World 2018

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November 27, 2018


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MAY 15–17, 2018

Steff Berger’s presentation on practical anti-terrorism awareness tips, at the Inspiration Hub yesterday, struck a chord right from the start.

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May 16, 2018
Crisis management advice: ‚Understand how terrorists think and plan attacks‘

By Andrew McCorkell
One of the talks at IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt offered practical anti-terror advice on how to make a plan, remain vigilant and stay safe. (Article citmagazine.com)

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